Molise exists and is charming

A little known Italian Region reserves the charms of art, history and nature!

In cerca di Fortuna

Italian emigration from the nineteenth century to today in the press all over the world

Genealogical Tourism

A travel modality that has already taken hold in various realities of the world such as Scotland, and which seems to want to take off also in the beautiful country, is genealogical tourism. A particular way of traveling based on research and the discovery of one's...

La Calabria (r)Esiste

On November 08, live on the web, we will talk about Italo Descendenti, in this episode our Focus will be concentrated on the wonderful Calabria region and its emmigration. Follow us live

Memorandum of Understanding UID-MIRE

The M.I.R.E., Italian Movement Abroad, and UID Union of Italian Descendants in the World have signed today a Memorandum of understanding and collaboration. They explain in this regard, Luigi Demartino official spokesman of the M.I.R.E., Dr. Pacia Andrea General...

Decreto legge 05 Ottobre 2020

Urgent provisions on immigration, international and complementary protection. Finally a discriminatory injustice has been remedied for some time, the descendants of Italians waiting for Italian citizenship, can with this conversion to the "permesso di soggiorno" work...

The new Efasce project: Destinazione FVG!

DESTINATION FVG 2020-2021 Would you like to live a beautiful experience to rediscover your Italian origin and visit the territory of Friuli Venezia Giulia? The new Efasce project: Destinazione FVG appears! Registration opening: September 7, 2020 Registration closing:...

Veneti in the world

Veneti in the world U.I.D Unione italo Descendenti nel Mondo today signals an important initiative of the Veneto Region in support of Venetian descendants in the world. Below is a summary of the full content that you can view at the link...

A double passport: the Italian one

In America it is becoming a status symbol: the second passport. Here is another consequence of Covid-19 As the pandemic has devastated the United States, some Americans are finding that a second citizenship or permanent residence has a renewed appeal. Some see it as a...

Reason is not an opinion: Uid votes No !!!

Reason is not an opinion, Uid votes No !!! The Democracy of a Nation is not a good that must be weighed with the vulgarity of the populists who consider that cutting the number of parliamentarians is a necessary saving. It is certainly a trap set by clever ones who...


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